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Kirana Bar Public School Sargodha
Senior Section

The Curriculum

 The School believes in retaining the best traditional approaches and values in the education of our pupils, in order for them to become well rounded individuals.

 Our broad based curriculum places a high priority on numeracy and literacy. Every child is given a chance to shine within small teaching groups. There is no streaming or setting in the early years as we feel that all our pupils should have identical opportunities, specialization is left as late as possible so that career decisions are not made at too early a stage.


 The School believes strongly in the value of homework which is set according to the needs and abilities of each child. The amount of homework increases as each child progresses through the school and we work closely with parents via a homework diary that is signed regularly.

 Reporting and Parental Contact

 Pupils' work is scrutinized on a daily basis. Full reports are sent to parents at the end of each term and report cards are after the monthly tests. Quality work and effort is rewarded at all ages throughout the school via merit, certificates and prizes. The SPS system ensures that every child is working to their maximum potential and also highlights any pupil whose work is giving cause for concern.

 Regular open days are held that give opportunity to the parents to question each teacher privately. Parents are free to contact the Principal or individual teachers at any time. The School can make special arrangements to meet the parents or guardians of boarders at any time.

 English Speaking

 Even if you think your child has very little English ability you may be surprised to discover he or she has hidden talents. Special classes are arranged in the form of remedial classes. The learning and teaching of English language is an integral part of any curriculum. Realizing this, our faculty teaches all the four skills i.e. listening, reading and writing with special emphasis on speaking as well.

 We also have a state of the art language lab and audio visual room for this purpose.

 Art and Design

 Art and design have a special place in the School curriculum. We a have fully equipped specialist design studio which provide the full range of activities including design, printing, screen printing and pottery to name but a few.

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